This brilliant app turns your calls into Pokémon games

An application to give a different touch to the calls with the characters of the famous Nintendo franchise.

Pokémon is one of the most popular video game franchises in the world, and has a wide catalog of games for Android, such as Pokemon go Pokémon Quest, among others. However, and unofficially, in Google Play you can also find a brilliant app that turns your calls into Pokémon games.

Is about Pokédialer, a free application that offers the interface of the old games of the well-known pocket monster franchise on your mobile phone in a peculiar way, since they will only appear when you receive a call. In general, this application has an interface with many details well cared for pokemon.

Pokédialer app

Pokedialer, an app that turns calls into a Pokémon game.

The interface is based on the first installments of Pokémon (red, blue and yellow), it even has the fonts of the first generation. In addition, it also allows you to customize each and every one of the phone’s contacts by assigning them different trainers and pocket monsters.

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This is Pokédialer, the app that turns calls into Pokémon games

This is Pokedialer

This is Pokedialer, the app that turns calls into Pokémon games.

As in games, this app has an extensive PokéDex, including up to the second generation Pokémon. However, what is striking is what happens in terms of calls. When you make a call, an interface appears in which a character walks along a route. If they take the call, this character stops short imitating to the movement of games combat challenges.

When one receives a call, the contact with the Pokémon and the assigned trainer appear -the app assigns a random one in case the user does not-. When accepting the call the interface reflects the start of a Pokémon battle. On the contrary, if this call is not accepted, the character flees as in the titles of the saga.

The application can be downloaded and installed in a free from Google Play Store for Android devices. However, iPhone users will not be able to try this curious app, since software and iOS limitations prevent it.

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