This Canon camera records in 8K RAW and has 8-step stabilizer

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After weeks of leaks, Canon has made one of the most anticipated cameras in the professional sector official. We talk about the Canon EOS R5, the company’s flagship camera that reaches the market to replace what had been one of the company’s most iconic cameras until now. The new version comes with two important improvements. The first has to do with the 8K RAW recording capacity. The second, with the incorporation of an 8-step stabilization system.

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45 megapixel sensor and 8K 12-bit recording

It had been rumored for weeks and finally it has been so. The Canon EOS R5 comes with a 45 megapixel sensor and 8K 12-bit recording capacity. The interesting thing about this model is that it takes advantage of all the qualities of the sensor by being compatible with the video recording in RAW format using full bandwidth.

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As for 4K recording, Camera supports 4K UHD and 4K DCI at 120 frames per second at 10 bits. We can also make recordings in 4K HQ at 30 FPS with 12 bits of color to take advantage of the full bandwidth of the camera.

As if this were not enough, video recording inherits the autofocus and focus tracking system in the face and eyes of the sensor, which allows us, according to the brand itself, “to obtain cinematographic results”. It also has almost 6,000 focus points, with 100% coverage in autofocus mode.

Another of the improvements that come with the new generation is the compatibility with CFexpress cards. These types of cards are capable of handling 8K video bandwidth. Of course, it is also compatible with conventional UHS II type SD cards, ideal for 4K recording.

Maintains design lines with minor improvements

The design innovations are somewhat less, in fact, the camera practically inherits the body of its predecessor, with a chassis made of metal and a sealed coating to give it the necessary protection in unfavorable environments. Perhaps the most interesting novelty comes with the incorporation of a physical crosshead that will act as controller.

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This novelty comes in response to user complaints with the touch pad that was released in the previous generation. Otherwise, the camera has a variable angle touch screen and electronic viewfinder of no less than 0.5 inches, a resolution of 5.76 million dots and a speed of 120 FPS.

With more goals than ever

The Canon R5 has not come alone. The company has presented several lenses aimed at getting the most out of the professional camera; four, specifically.

First, the company has released the RF 100-500 millimeters, a telephoto lens with focal aperture f / 4.5-7.1L. It comes with 5-step optical stabilization and two motors that give us the ability to focus on objects from just 90 centimeters.

The second objective launched by the company is the RF 85 mm f / 2 Macro, a macro lens whose focal aperture is set to a more than worthy f / 2.0 and an STM engine. The third and fourth objectives arrive in the form of a telephoto lens, with optics capable of reaching 600 and 800 millimeters and a focus aperture f / 11.0. In this case, the focus distance is 4.5 and 6 meters for the two telephoto lenses.

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The last two lenses presented by Canon are two 1.4x and 2x multipliers intended for a more general audience.

Canon EOS R5 price and availability

As we have been warning since the beginning of the article, the Canon EOS R5 is not a camera for neophytes. Its price starts from 4,600 euros. It will hit the market later this month, as the company itself has confirmed.

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