This carbon fiber desk sold by Xiaomi is the dream of every gamer

Xiaomi has put on sale through Youpin a carbon fiber desk thinking for those who spend hours playing.

Xiaomi is a manufacturer known for putting on sale all kinds of products that are far from the world of smartphones, and this time it has launched a carbon fiber desk that is the dream of every gamer. A product that joins the wide list of elements that the Chinese firm has launched on the market and that are designed to improve the daily life of users, such as an agenda with fingerprint reader or headphones for a better sleep, among others.

The technology giant has put up for sale at Youpin, its third-party store, has put up for sale a carbon fiber desk developed by Loctek, a well-known brand in the video game sector, and which is intended for those who spend hours and hours in front of the computer playing his favorite titles. This new desk from the popular firm can be use both standing and sitting, and stands out for having complex mechanisms that allow it to adapt to any type of surface and for its ergonomics.

Xiaomi carbon fiber desktop

Xiaomi has a carbon fiber desk for sale.

This new desktop that Xiaomi has for sale is a simple product at first glance, but it also stands out for having a carbon countertop. A really important feature for eSports players, as it is easy to clean, allows maximum grip and is ideal for a stationary game station. A desk completely designed for fans of video games and that can also be used standing up.

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A carbon fiber desk thinking for those who spend hours playing

Xiaomi carbon fiber desk

This is the carbon fiber desk that Xiaomi has for sale.

The desk also has in the upper area a kind of viewer, which is the smartest side of the product. A small monitor with which you can electronically raise and lower the table legs to control the height centimeter by centimeter, thanks to the numbers offered on the panel. The height of the legs of this desk is adjustable from 71 cm to 1.21 meters.

Among other features, the part where the arms normally rest when using such a table are slightly tilted down, so it offers greater user comfort. This desk is also known to be available in two different sizes and shapes. One of them it’s basically hexagonal with the right and left sides creed a kind of knit and with measurements of 690 x 1,396 millimeters.

For his part, the other is almost rectangular in shape and it has measures of 760 x 1,400 millimeters. At the moment this table can be purchased in China at a price of 1,899 yuan, which in exchange is approximately about 240 euros. It is to be hoped that in the future it may be obtained in other territories, although no details have been provided in this regard.

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