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This could be the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

by Tejas Dhawan

After the Samsung Galaxy S20, which this year has come triple with the S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra, the mobiles that we are most waiting for the Korean company is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, which, surely, will be one of the best devices that we have seen by the Korean company.

We still don’t know much about these devices, because, after all, There is enough left for them to be presented, however, ideas and rumors about how the design could be have already come to light of these terminals, and the truth is that it may be the most elegant terminal that we have seen from the company.

This could be the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

As we were telling you, the launch of the Galaxy Note 20 is the next big launch from Samsung this year, and it is also one of the releases, in general, most anticipated each year, and it is not for less, since the Galaxy Note 20, every year, is usually one of the main contenders for the high-end throne.

Now, thanks to an accessory store called Pigtou, some renders have been leaked, which, as you know, are not 100% reliable, illustrating what the next Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could be like, which have been prepared by xleaks7. In any case, as we tell you, the veracity of this design cannot be trusted 100%.

Galaxy Note 20 render

As you can see, it is a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 that fits quite in the expectations that we have of the terminal, with straighter edges than the Galaxy S series, that give the device a somewhat straighter appearance, and that thanks to its curves at the back, it is more ergonomic in the hand, and easier to grip. And being such a large terminal, this never hurts.

On the other hand, we find the characteristic S-Pen included in the body of the device, and an appearance similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S20 in terms of hole in the screen and the camera module, which, in my opinion, suits the device quite well. The curve of the screen, meanwhile, seems to have been reduced to a certain extent, removing one of the most characteristic aspects of the design of the high-end Samsung. Although, it must be said, even so, we continue to identify that it is a Samsung.

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In our opinion, it makes sense for the Korean company to keep the hole on the screen, since this method, when the hole is centered and small, seems to us the best option to house the front camera of the device, since it’s less intrusive than the notch and the hole in the side, in addition to not having as many possible drawbacks as a folding camera can have.

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