This cover with robotic legs allows your mobile to "walk" until it reaches the charger

Imagine that your mobile runs to reach the charger before running out of battery: the idea behind this curious case.

CaseCrawler is probably the weirdest thing you’ll see today: a cover with “legs” for your mobile developed by the Seoul Biorobotics Laboratory, capable of make our mobile “walk” to its charger when it’s about to run out of battery.

The accessory features Retractable “robotic legs” attached to the holster itself, and supported by an electric motor that allows to carry out the movement.

Currently, this cover only allows moving a device that weighs more than 300 grams, and is even capable of overcoming obstacles up to 16 millimeters high. And although he currently has no “intelligence” at all, the long-term goal is to make him capable of detect the existence of other accessories such as charging bases, or slow down when reaching the edge of a table.

The researchers point out that the legs on the back of the cover They work in a similar way to the legs of humans: they have a joint similar to that of the knee, which allows propel the robot forward. These legs can also fold up hidden inside the sleeve, which incidentally has a weight of 82 grams.

Day by day, CaseCrawler is little more than a prototype which explores the possibility of adding movement to devices and objects that would otherwise be totally static. But since it is a seemingly simple and cheap technology to produce, it would not be unreasonable to think that some accessory manufacturer could adopt the idea and create the first mobile phone cases able to walk.

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