This feature turns your Roborock vacuum cleaner into a security camera

Roborock-S6-MaxV double front camera

Roborock has started rolling out an update for its Roborock S6 MaxV robot vacuum that will give a lot to talk about. The option to turn this little butler into a vigilante on wheels. Thanks to its double front camera, you will be able to see what is happening in your home at all times or even send voice messages directly through the robot’s microphone. And that from anywhere in the world. This update is gradually reaching all the users of the firm’s star robot and we already talked about its arrival in a previous article. I have been able to check how it works first hand and the advantages and possible disadvantages of this interesting novelty. These are my impressions.

One of the great novelties that the Roborock S6 MaxV is your dual front camera system, which is reinforced by artificial intelligence. Its main utility is to recognize various types of obstacles while cleaning is in progress, so that the robot can avoid them and not get entangled in them. Especially useful is the recognition of pet depositions in case you have a pet at home. And it is that it prevents you from returning home and encountering a post-apocalyptic scene on the living room floor with the robot spreading the deposition throughout the entire room … It is not something that should ever happen if you have your well-trained pet , but better to heal in health.

Roborock-S6-MaxV buttons

Now, the company has wanted to go a step further with this new function, which consists of connect in real time with what the Roborock S6 MaxV is seeing at all times and from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

It is clear that the option of being able to monitor your home from anywhere is very attractive, but it also raises many questions. Is it a safe option? Can they hack or spy on me in the distance? The first thing that is quite reassuring is that this feature is activated manually. And when I say manual it is manual. That is, it is not an option that you mark from the app itself. To make it available, you have to press three physical buttons on the robot and to deactivate it the same.

Once you have activated it, you can connect at any time to the robot’s cameras when they carry out their cleaning. Of course, with a new security barrier consisting of a pattern like the ones we use to protect the phone unlock. Also, while Live View is running the robot emits an audible warning every five seconds, so that at all times you will know that it is active. In other words, Roborock is fully aware that it is a sensitive function and that it can raise a lot of questions, and it has worked well to offer you various firewalls against possible hacks.

Within the app, this function is combines with a remote control so you can move the robot to the desired area or the house map itself with the go anywhere mode. Although it is a more ground-level view, it does give you a lot of information about what is happening and it becomes an extra unsuspected security tool. In addition, it also has another interesting utility, which is to reassure yourself if for example you are traveling or have been out all day and want to check that your pet is well.

In fact you can send a short voice message for the robot to reproduce. This message has a maximum duration of 15 seconds, and reminds of the operation that you can find in a surveillance camera for pets, designed to reassure your furry friend with your voice. In short, a novelty that increases the possibilities of Roborock S6 MaxV, which you can find in stores for an official price of 600 euros.

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