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This FFP3 mask connects to your mobile

This FFP3 mask connects to your mobile

They launch an FFP3 smart mask that connects to the mobile through an application that allows you to control the user’s breathing at all times.

Over the last few weeks, and due to the current situation in the world, different types of face masks, like the one that allows use the mobile face unlock. Now a new FFP3 mask has been launched that connects to the smartphone through an app. The Narvalo Mask It was created in Milan and boasts an elegant design and offers “comfort, performance and sustainability”.

In addition, its creators assure that it is virus-proof that currently keeps millions of people in their homes locked in various countries around the world. The Narvalo Mask website offers all the details about this new FFP3 smart maskAs it is washable, it helps in caring for the environment and saves money; in addition to being ergonomic, fitting perfectly allowing to eliminate the fog, if glasses are used. But that’s not all, since you can also connect to the mobile phone through an application, as pointed out from 20 Minutes.

Narvalo Mask

Narvalo Mask, an intelligent FPP3 mask that connects to the mobile.

A mobile app that allows you to control the user’s breathing at all times and “Monitor the air quality and the environment around us”. The Narvalo application is available for both Android and iOS devices, and connects to the phone’s GPS and offers an image of the air quality that the user breathes while on the move. It is even able to show the difference in the air you breathe when you wear and when you don’t wear the mask.

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An intelligent FFP3 mask that connects to the mobile through an application

Among other details, its creators also affirm that this smart mask has superior protection to the FFP3 standard, so “Protects 99.9% of invisible enemies in the air”. On the other hand, the Narvalo Mask filters are made up of five layers that are capable of achieving that high percentage of protection also against odors, bacteria or dust, among others, and thanks in part to the activated carbon layer.

The smart mask also features an exhalation valve that is designed to maximize air output, preventing excessive accumulation of heat and moisture within the mask, thereby achieving be anti-fog. The Narvalo Mask sold out the first consignment in just a few hours since it was put on sale, but the company will offer more stock next September. A smart mask that costs 89 euros and it is available in a total of six colors.

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