This free app allows you to transform any website into a mobile application

With NativeAlpha you can modify web pages and transform them into applications.

NativeAlpha It is one of the most useful Android applications that we have come across in recent months. It is a free utility that allows transform any web page into a mobile app, giving the option to customize and configure some parameters before doing so.

The app, available in the project’s GitHub repository, is open source and based on the premise of bring the experience of progressive web applications even to those websites that do not support it, giving users the possibility of taking advantage of this technology with any website.

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Convert any website into an application thanks to this tool

With NativevAlpha you can transform any website into an app

NativeAlpha is open source and it’s possible download totally free. Once installed on our device, the app offers us the option to add web pages which will be transformed into applications, and whose icon will become on the home page of our mobile.

However, what really makes this tool special is the possibility of configure websites before transforming them into applications. For this, different options are offered, such as the possibility of activating or deactivating all script included on the website, automatically accept or reject the cookies or request that the page be opened in desktop mode, among other options.

Another interesting feature of this application is the Android 10 dark mode support, so that the apps will use the night mode automatically – when they support it – if the dark theme of the system is enabled. On the other hand, since websites “transformed” with NativeAlpha do not have access to all resources of the device, its creator ensures that these types of applications are safer and more responsible with privacy than native versions, in addition to providing clear advantages regarding the function of send web pages to the home screen offered by the vast majority of web browsers:

Mobile browsers can generally only create shortcuts that provide a borderless, native full-screen experience if the website has a Progressive Web App (PWA) manifest. Unfortunately, most websites don’t offer this feature yet.

In order to function, the app needs Android version equal to or greater than 8.0 Oreo. Since it is not available on Google Play due to Google restrictions regarding apps that install applications on the system, it will be necessary manually download the app and manually install the APK file.

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