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This Google app offers a free backup of your mobile

This Google app offers a free backup of your mobile

With Google One you can make free copies of your mobile, even if you have an iPhone.

Until now, Google One allowed – among many other things – to back up data from your Android devices to the subscribers of the service automatically, so as not to lose any data in case of changing mobile. But now, This advantage of Google One is no longer exclusive of paid users of the platform, and any user of a mobile device can use Google One to create backup copies of their data in the cloud. Including those who use iPhone.

Through a publication on its official blog, Google explains that it has decided open some of the Google One features to a wider audience, starting with the backup tool. In this way, Android or iPhone mobile users can download the application to keep their data safe.

Google One

Google One is the service that unifies Google’s cloud services.

Create cloud backups of your Android or iPhone mobile for free thanks to Google

The Google One backup tool is not something new. In fact, more than a year has passed since the company introduced the possibility of creating complete copies of the data stored on the device, which could later be restored on any other Android mobile.

Now, this feature reaches everyone totally free. To use it, just download google one from Google Play Store or App Store and log in with our Google account. Then, just go to the backup section to store data, including messages, photos and videos in original quality stored in the mobile and always have a backup of them to avoid losses.

In addition to that, Google has also added a new tool to Google One which allows users more precisely manage files stored in your personal cloud, making it easier to delete files that are no longer needed, thereby increasing the available space.

All the new Google Drive functions announced by the company begin to arrive from this week to all Google One users through an update of the application, which has already begun its deployment through the main app stores.

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