This holidays take the cinema in your pocket


Undoubtedly, our mobile phone has become our main entertainment center and, in this summer time, travel and leisure time, have a big screen of enormous quality in our pocket is a guarantee of enjoyment anywhere.

After this “complicated” half of the year, to call it something, we are more eager than ever to go out, make trips and visit our own. A few weeks ago we told you how the family of phones OPPO Find X2 It stands out in sections such as the battery or storage, two key aspects if we are going to be away from home and outlets. Now it’s the turn of your screens. The OPPO Find X2 look spectacular and allow us to enjoy movies, series and videos with the highest quality.

Thousands of hours of entertainment in your hand

If we go on a getaway or go on vacation, it is likely that in our destination we do not have a television to watch that last episode of the series that we have been following all year. Or maybe we will have enough hours of transportation to our destination.

The huge screens of the OPPO Find X2 allow us to literally have a cinema in our pocket, being able to enjoy all those contents for hours and hours in total comfort and, of course, with great autonomy. And if not, we can always use the fast charge SuperVOOC and in a few minutes we can continue our journey.

120Hz on the definitive screen of the OPPO Find X2 Pro

In the OPPO Find X2 Pro we have an Ultra Vision screen that plunges us into content with its 6.7 inches in size in a curved AMOLED panel that blends with the rest of the terminal in a few minimal frames.

Its resolution is QHD + (3168 x 1440 pixels) and it reaches a 120Hz refresh rate. In practice this translates into a hyper fluid user experience. All the transitions, effects and movements we make on the screen flow smoothly and instantly and precisely. Once you try it, there is no going back.

When it comes to watching series, movies or documentaries on services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO or YouTube, every detail counts. And these screens have HDR10 + certified And the OPPO Find X2 is capable of reproducing more than a billion colors with brightness peaks that can reach 1200 nits, so it does not matter if we are outdoors or in full sun.

Audio is key too: Dolby Atmos on OPPO Find X2

OPPO wants to ensure that its screens offer the maximum possible and for this they have also integrated a specific chip, the Ultra Vision O1 optimization engine. This chip improves image quality and is even capable of transforming standard videos into HDR clips to squeeze that high-refresh screen.

However, beyond the image, it should not be forgotten that much of the experience in a cinema also falls on the sound. It is no use having spectacular quality if the sound is a mess. OPPO relies on consolidated Dolby Atmos sound technology and paired with dual stereo speakers on the front of their smartphones to complete that movie experience.

Content instantly thanks to 5G

The era of 5G has only just begun. This new generation of mobile networks aims to revolutionize our communications and the way in which millions of devices connect and communicate with each other. The implementation of 5G networks has already begun and The entire OPPO Find X2 family of phones is ready for 5G.

This assures us a connection speed never seen before, with immediate access to content, instant downloads and minimal latencies that make the difference, for example, in online video games.

And by the way, not everything is watching videos or playing on mobile. On vacation there is also time to read and, you usually carry your e-books on your smartphone, this interests you: the OPPO Find X2 have the Adaptive Eye Protection System IA It automatically adapts both the tone of the screen and the brightness taking into account the ambient conditions to protect our eyes. Super interesting especially when we are in low light situations, such as reading from bed.

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