This iPhone is available at a bargain price – strike?

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At Aldi, many iPhones are waiting for real savers this week. There is a bargain price, but is the offer at Aldi really that good in the end? GIGA advises mindfulness: it is better to take a second look.

Aldi Süd will be luring customers to the stores with a bargain price from Thursday, July 2: It should cost only 379 euros to have an original Apple iPhone 8 with 64 GB of memory – optionally in black or gold. The price comparison reveals: elsewhere we pay a lot more, sometimes over 400 euros. But be careful, we should better take a closer look in the brochure.

Caution trap: iPhone 8 at Aldi Süd is a used device

There we discover the decisive difference in the small print – we read “refurbished” on the iPhone 8 on offer. This is then explained in even smaller, barely legible fonts. Be honest: something smells like a trap. The term in question is used equipment that has been put through its paces and, if necessary, refreshed with suitable, original spare parts.

All this under the direction of the Aldi house and court supplier Medion. They also give a 2-year guarantee. This is at least a positive thing, normally only a 1-year dealer warranty is provided for used equipment. So if you have a problem with the devices, you can contact Medion or Aldi, Apple itself as the manufacturer is not involved with these devices. Aldi previously offered such used iPhones – we reported.

Attention: look very closely (Image: Aldi Süd)

In view of the fact that it is a completely overhauled product, the price must now be reassessed. Comparable and refurbished iPhone 8 is available from Amazon, for example, for around 300 euros, but then only with a one-year guarantee. Ergo: The two-year guarantee must be worth the huge surcharge. After all, Aldi also offers the Aldi Talk Starter Set (prepaid card) worth 10 euros.

And so the iPhone 8 convinced us in the test:

Is an iPhone 8 still worth it in 2020?

Aside from the somewhat questionable pricing at Aldi: is the iPhone 8 useful? Until the launch of the new iPhone SE this spring, Apple even had it on offer, but it was introduced in 2017. Nevertheless, it still meets most requirements today and will continue to be updated by Apple in the coming years . Charging is possible wirelessly, a home button and Touch ID (fingerprint sensor) are available.

However, if you need something more promising for the future, you should probably go for the new iPhone SE (466.92 euros at Amazon) – quasi an improved iPhone 8 with the processor of the current iPhone 11. This iPhone should end up being supplied with software updates even longer become.

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