This is Chingari, the alternative to TikTok that comes from India

Chingari is the new app that comes from India to compete with TikTok and can now be downloaded on Android and iOS.

TikTok It has become one of the most popular applications in just a matter of months. That is why many companies, including the most important ones, are looking for alternatives to compete against this app, and for weeks some have already been launched, such as Tangi, the new Google app. Now from India comes a new alternative to TikTok, it is Chingari, which can now be downloaded completely free from the Google Play Store.

In late June it was revealed that the Indian government wanted ban lots of Chinese apps, including TikTok, so the people of the Asian country began to look for alternatives to the popular application to continue enjoying a platform for creating short videos. A new rival has recently been launched in the Google Play Store, which has already succeeded in that country with more than 100,000 creators. Se tata de Chingari, an application that is based on TikTok and that allows users create short videos and share them with your followers.

Chingari TikTok-style app

Chingari is TikTok’s new rival, and comes from India.

Chingari also allows users to create short video statuses for WhatsApp, audio clips, photos, stickers, GIFs and more content. In the same way, this new application is compatible with Many languages, such as English or Hindi, among others. To try this alternative to TikTok, you just have to follow a few small steps, and the first one is to download the app from the stock Android app store.

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Chingari can be downloaded from Google Play Store

Chingari app India

Chingari is the new app that comes from India to compete with TikTok.

Chingari can be downloaded both for Android devices like iOS, and its operation is really simple. Once installed on the device, the user must open the app and accept the terms and conditions by touching the button To accept. Then there is only choose your favorite language (at the moment not available in Spanish), tap on the sidebar located on the left side of the application’s home screen and choose the web login option.

At that time when touching on Continue a pop-up window will open with which to log in through a Google account. A simple and fast registration that will allow users to return to the application’s home screen to start create short videos and share them with his followers, in addition to seeing the works created by other people and influencers. It should be remembered that the reason for censorship of TikTok in India by the government is due to the fact that there are concerns that this app, along with others, don’t be sure and end up extracting a large amount of data from the country’s users.

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