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"This is how Germany loves – everything about our women" today on Sat.1

"This is how Germany loves – everything about our women" today on Sat.1

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Sat.1 shows amazing statistics, persistent myths and strange stories about the female body apart from the average.

“Everything about our women”? At least everything about the average German woman: she weighs 70.7 kilograms, is 1.65 meters tall, has 1.3 children and has an average of 67 days in her handbag during her life – while there are also women who have their essentials and you’d better carry it around in your pocket. In the new report, Sat.1 is mainly based on studies and surveys: According to current studies, 54 percent of women in Germany are really satisfied with their love life and every fifth woman thinks about sex at least once a day.

In the report, Sat.1 interviewed Ginger Wollersheim, a former “Celebrity Big Brother” participant: In order to replenish the household budget, during the Corona crisis, she started revealing entertainment in front of the web cam. “I am glad that I can do this in the Corona period because otherwise the ceiling really falls on my head. I always have to do something, then I prefer to sit in front of the computer and have fun and amuse people, ”says Ginger Wollersheim. Her husband, red light legend Bert Wollersheim, gives her the green light for this job, at least as long as it doesn’t get too revealing: “Ginger can be very sexy. I’m proud that it is such a sharp device. (…) The limit is when it gets too naked. “

Sat.1 shows “This is how Germany loves everything about our women” on Wednesday, July 15th at 8:15 pm.

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