This is how Microsoft justifies that its $ 1,400 folding mobile does not have NFC

More than $ 1,000 and you don’t have NFC? We do not know if these reasons convince us …

Surface Duo is the name of the latest and revolutionary device from Microsoft. It has only been with us for a few days and it is already giving a lot to talk about, especially because of its very high price.

Two panels joined by hinges bring it very close to the concept of “folding” and its price, $ 1,399, make it an exclusive terminal. But, How can a device that doesn’t even have NFC count at that price?

Microsoft Surface Duo, official photo

Surface Duo, Microsoft’s first Android device.

Why doesn’t the Surface Duo have NFC?

According to Microsoft, your product should focus on things like productivity, for which it was designed, and not in features such as NFC. The North American company replied to Windows Central with the following statements:

Surface Duo does not currently offer NFC. The role of any first generation design is to focus on critical scenarios that solve customer challenges. Surface Duo is specially designed for mobile productivity, giving people new ways to complete complex tasks while away from their computer. With this goal accomplished, we will listen to customer feedback and apply that approach to future iterations of the product.

Makes sense. We are before the first generation, a product that must go on the market with a safe construction – let us remember what happened with the first Samsung Galaxy Fold – and offer a correct user experience.

The Microsoft team’s concerns were in some very specific aspects. We are talking about a product that will focus almost exclusively on productivity and a fairly small audience. That niche is the one that must be convinced.

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