This is how mobile SAT reception works on camping holidays

© Alexander Yakovlev -
© Alexander Yakovlev –

Many campers do not want to do without television reception in their mobile homes and caravans. The AG SAT has now proposed solutions on how the television screen does not have to stay black even when on vacation.

AG SAT recommends the use of a mobile satellite reception system for the campsite. At best, one should pay attention to an automatic alignment. For example, with a rotating system, control electronics, GPS detection and preprogrammed satellite positions so that “the holiday mood does not fly away”, as it says in a press release.

Other important points are the quality and durability of the antenna, the reliability of the signal and the reception properties in bad weather. In rain or thunderstorms, the antenna must be well processed and weatherproof. As the camper is moving, care should also be taken to ensure that the system is built as flat as possible and solidly attached.

Since portable devices such as smartphones and tablets are increasingly being used, various receiving systems should also be equipped with a streaming function, according to the AG SAT. With the app you can easily watch TV on mobile devices.

Michael Auer, managing director of the AG SAT member company Kathrein Digital Systems GmbH, agrees: “Currently, traveling with a motorhome or caravan is experiencing a pandemic-related renaissance and many holidaymakers don’t want to do without their usual entertainment or information through messages even while on the move. A mobile satellite reception system – assembled by a quality provider and a specialist – is the best and long-lasting solution. “

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