This is how the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note has changed, from $ 299 to $ 999

The Samsung Galaxy Note have never been characterized as really cheap phones, but what has been the evolution of their prices?

A few days ago that the South Korean brand Samsung presented its new Galaxy Note20, its long-awaited terminals whose main feature and that makes them unique is the S-Pen.

Now, from the first model to the last, many years have passed. The revolution in terms of specifications has been great and the price increase has been quite remarkable.

From Samsung Galaxy Note to Note 5

Galaxy Note 5

The Note family has always been a benchmark in the Android world

As Android Authority reminds us, the first Galaxy Note would arrive in 2011 at a price of about $ 299 thanks to the operators. With quite interesting specifications for that time, the first model attracted a lot of attention thanks to its S-Pen.

With its successor, the Note 2, Samsung did not raise the price, not in vain it cost the same as the original model, but the revolution was not that bad either. Which did not happen with the Note 3 that went on the market with a value of $ 700. The device could be bought free hence its price.

The same happened with the Note 4 and Note 5 and that is that Samsung kept the price of these devices. And beware, because we are talking about a time where spending 700 dollars or euros was not something that everyone did. Mobile phones had prices well below that figure and without a doubt, Samsung’s Note were among the most expensive smartphones on the market.

From Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to Note10

Samsung Galaxy Note10 +, rear

The Galaxy Note10, the best phone of 2019?

The life of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was short, famous for its problems and for being quite bumpy. $ 850 the phone cost and although the firm invested heavily in advertising, the terminal was eventually withdrawn from the market.

In this order of things, The Note 8 hit stores at a price of $ 930. As we are observing, prices are increasingly increasing and the trend was clear. More and more powerful devices, with better features, better cameras and all this at quite high prices. And beware, not only the Note were expensive at that time.

The Note 9 reached the limit with its 999 dollars. Surpassing the $ 1,000 barrier had its dangers, as firms weren’t sure whether consumers would end up paying so much for a phone. Hence, the Note10, for many the best Android phone of 2019, was somewhat cheaper, but not much. $ 949 in its most basic version.

Samsung Galaxy Note20

Galaxy Note20 Ultra

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra is the most cutting-edge model of the new Note20 series

And we come to the latest model. The evolution has been evident and although the quality jump between the Note10 and the Note20 is not as remarkable as if it was from the nine to the tenth model, we cannot deny that the new member of the Note family is a truly amazing phone.

Its price? The same as its predecessor, which shows that the improvement has not been so much. The price of the $ 1,300 Note20 Ultra is worth noting.. As we can see, the “standard” phones of $ 2,000 are getting closer, as more and more brands launch phones at higher prices. You just have to take a look at Xiaomi or OnePlus itself. But remember, there are no expensive phones, only definitions of wrong value.

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