this is how you want to compete with Samsung or LG

Xiaomi's OLED TV is now official so it wants to compete with Samsung or LG

Yesterday we told you that Xiaomi was preparing a new television. And not much has been done to beg. The new Xiaomi TV Master Series has already been officially presented. It is a TV with a 65-inch OLED panel, with 4K resolution and a frequency of 120 Hz. It has the AI ​​Master image engine, is compatible with Dolby Vision and equips no less than 9 speakers so that the sound is at the height of the image.

In short, it is a television specially designed to attract gamers who are thinking of getting a new generation console. Without forgetting clearly of the users who look for a good quality of image. Has Xiaomi managed to launch an OLED TV with a breakthrough price? Let’s get to know better the new Xiaomi TV Master Series.

OLED panel, 120 Hz and compatible with Dolby Vision

Xiaomi’s first OLED TV may not be revolutionary in design, but it does have some really cool features. We are facing a screen with practically nonexistent edges on all four sides. According to Xiaomi, the TV offers a 98% body-screen ratio. On the other hand, to place the television on the cabinet, a clear glass baseas well as a dynamic lighting system.

At a technical level, we are facing a OLED panel with a diagonal of 65 inches. The panel supports one 10-bit color depth, an almost Delta E1.5 quality color and a wide range of P3 colors. On the other hand, the Xiaomi TV Master Series equips a AI Master graphics processor with Artificial Intelligence. This chip has enough power to make the TV compatible with all HDR formats, including Dolby Vision.

Xiaomi screen OLED tele launch screen

In terms of sound, Xiaomi’s new OLED TV is equipped with 9 speakers offering a total power of 65W. In addition, the speaker system supports technology Dolby Atmos.

We said at the beginning that Xiaomi has set its sights on players who acquire one of the new consoles that will arrive at the end of the year. We say this because the manufacturer’s new OLED TV offers a 1 ms response timesupports signals 4K at 120 Hz, supports mode ALLM (low delay auto mode), includes technology VRR (variable refresh rate) and has connectors HDMI 2.1. In addition, it has a special image mode called “Professional game”. All this makes us think that Xiaomi wants to seduce the buyers of PS5 and Xbox Series X with its new television.

As for connectivity, the Xiaomi TV Master includes two USB ports, three HDMI inputs, an Ethernet connector, a digital optical audio connector and the different tuners.

Finally, Xiaomi’s new OLED TV arrives with the latest version of Android TV. This is driven by a eight-core MediaTek processor with Mali G52 MC1 Cortex-A73 quad-core GPU.

Price and availability

Xiaomi OLED tele launch price

He Xiaomi TV Master Series has been announced in China and will arrive in stores in the country tomorrow 3rd of July. At the moment we do not know if he will leave his native country, but we are hopeful that it will reach Europe. And, although in Spain at the moment we only know the Xiaomi Mi TV 4S, in China Xiaomi is one of the most important TV manufacturers in the country.

As for the price, the Xiaomi TV Master 65-inch OLED TV will go on sale in China with a price of 13,000 yuan. If we pass it to euros, the price in Europe would be about 1,600 euros. But as you well know, price conversions are never so direct, so we will have to wait to check their price in Spain if the manufacturer finally decides to market in Europe.

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