This is how YouTube Music will help you discover new music

YouTube Music is one of the most updated applications this months. The application that is going to replace Google Play Music in Spain, it is already possible to pass your music in a simple way, it continues to introduce new functions, with which to improve its service and thus be able to compete with other apps in this field such as Spotify, Amazon Music or Apple Music.

Suggestions will become important in the application. Depending on the music you listen to, a series of songs will be suggested to you so you can listen to them on YouTube Music. The application now tests these types of suggestions within the playlists you create.

YouTube Music debuts suggestions

YouTube Music allows you to create your own playlists, where you will enter those songs you want. The application introduces a new type of suggestions, where they suggest or recommend songs you can add to that playlist that you are creating in your account. It would be located at the bottom of these playlists.

This new feature can help children users go discover new musicWhen you see these suggested songs, they will be added to your playlist. These suggestions that the application makes are based on the songs that each one listens to and those that are present in said playlist. So in general they should be close to your personal tastes and style in said playlist.

Currently not available in the app. The only thing that is known is that Google is testing with these new suggestions on YouTube Music, but no dates have been given for the introduction of it. This feature is identical to one that already exists in Spotify, which shows you songs that you could add to your playlists, also located at the bottom of them. We hope there will be data soon on when it will become official.

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