This is new for "Sat.1 Promiboxen" in September

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Let’s get ready to rumble: Soon all kinds of C celebrities will be climbing into the boxing ring on Sat.1. And for the first time, “Das große Sat.1 Promiboxen” will even take place on two evenings.

After verbal hooks, people are now fighting with real fists: At least that applies to the 16 celebrities who are supposed to clarify their pent-up conflicts on “Das große Sat.1 Promiboxen”. Everything should be sporty and fair: the men fight five rounds of two minutes each, the women face each other four times for one and a half minutes.

New this year: For the first time, celebrity boxing will take place on two evenings. On Friday, September 18 and on Friday, September 25, eight celebrities will step into the ring live to show what is behind their big mouths.

It starts with the on-off friends Matthias Mangiapane and Julian F.M. Stoeckel on September 18th. After Mangiapane pissed off Claudia Obert and Désirée Nick – both friends of Stoeckel – at “Celebrities under Palms”, the It-Boy in the ring will probably not be squeamish with Mangiapane. That evening it is also said: Carina Spack against Jade Übach and Marcellino Kremers against Stephan Jerkel.

On September 25th, Helena Fürst fights against Giulia Siegel. Since they met in the “summer house of the stars”, they haven’t missed an opportunity to publicly attack one another.

Ring spokesman Kai Pätzmann calls the fighters into the ring. Matthias Killing, Melissa Khalaj and Sarah Valentina Winkhaus will moderate the two fight evenings. Tobias Drews and Florian Schmidt-Sommerfeld comment on the fights.

All Covid19 regulations should be strictly followed on both fight evenings, both in the spectator area and with the athletes and people directly involved in the fight. According to BG ETEM, the “protection time with contact reduction” should be observed. Corona tests are also to be carried out.

“The big SAT.1 Promiboxen” will run live on Sat.1 on September 18 and September 25 at 8:15 pm.

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