This is Redmi's first gaming laptop: reveal its final design

Redmi also wants to play with laptops, and here the first ‘Gaming Notebook’ of the Xiaomi sub-brand is already leaked in images

After being born as spin-off of Xiaomi and now with independence in their strategies, the truth is that Redmi does not stop growing in all aspects wanting to compete not only in smartphones, but also with smart TVs and now laptops.

Not just a laptop actually, but a Redmi G Gaming Notebook that will aim very high in performance to adapt to the world of video games and allow us to enjoy the best quality and maximum power at a very fair price and always content as a house brand.

Redmi G Gaming Notebook, save the date

This will be the first Redmi ‘gaming’ laptop

GizmoChina taught us with its first images and an official presentation date that is set for next August 14, this week, completing the range of laptops started by the RedmiBook.

In this case we bet on a darker color palette and a design specifically created to enhance the gaming experience, opting for fans and active cooling on both sides of the device as usual in this type of notebook gaming.

The matte finish and minimized frames, which grow slightly at the top to house the webcam with a lower chin that is much more prominent and a thickness that moves away from ultrabooks leaving you in the middle of laptops to play.

Redmi will complete its range of RedmiBook laptops with a ‘gaming’ computer, already filtered and that will start the journey of its Redmi G family this week with improvements in cooling and a much darker design

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Redmi G Gaming Notebook, save the date

Mark the date: the new Redmi G Gaming Notebook will be presented on August 14

Unfortunately, what we do not have any details about is your hardware, something that Redmi will reveal to us in its official presentation in a China in a couple of days, so the good news is that we won’t have to wait too long to know everything.

Of course, it seems that the technology will be inherited from the Xiaomi Mi Gaming so we’ll probably see Intel sourced components and a very content price that will make you an object of desire not only in China but also in our markets. We’ll see what Redmi has in store for us!

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