This is Reels, Instagram's response to TikTok

If Facebook is good at something, it is taking the ideas of the competition and crushing them on their platforms to turn them into a real success. This is how Instagram, a social network of artistic photographs ended up becoming the nest of Stories what is today. The same happened with WhatsApp, whose current resemblance to the past is pure chance.

Now Instagram (owned by Facebook) has put TikTok in the spotlight and launches Reels, are we at the beginning of the end of TikTok? Take a look with us at Reels, the amazing new Instagram tool.

The first thing is to mention that this new functionality will probably not appear, but we have a trick, if you delete the application and reinstall it, the Reels option will appear so that you can use it freely, are you going to miss it?

How to use Instagram Reels

Using Instagram Reels, the alternative to TikTok, too easy:

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Press the button to create a Story
  3. At the bottom you can slide to the right and Reels will appear

It’s that easy, and the operation is practically identical to that of TikTok. We are going to be able to create 15-second videos, even using the popular TikTok timelapse. So we will be able to add music, stickers, edit by drawing with your finger and much more. Of course, this Instagram tool has come to stand up to you and it is possible that the same thing will happen as with Snapchat, in this way Instagram will almost certainly become the successor of TikTok doing what you do best. We hope you have fun with this new functionality, and if you still resisted installing the other application and stayed out of this world dominated by teenagers, you have no choice but to adapt.

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