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This is so special about the router

This is so special about the router

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The German manufacturer AVM has introduced a new router that is not intended for home DSL. Instead, the connection to the Internet is via the mobile LTE. But the Fritzbox 6850 LTE can do even more, as it turns out.


Fritzbox 6850 LTE: New mobile router presented

AVM has expanded its mobile portfolio with the Fritzbox 6850 LTE. The router operates together with a SIM card and establishes connections via the LTE network. Older mobile radio standards are also supported if there is no LTE on the go. The manufacturer does not necessarily advertise the product as a replacement for DSL or fiber optic connections, but as an alternative, for example when traveling or in a holiday home.

The Fritzbox 6850 LTE supports speeds of up to 150 megabits per second. A telephone system for fixed network telephony via mobile radio is also integrated. The Fritzbox allows connections via wireless WLAN or wired LAN. It has not yet been revealed when exactly the new Fritzbox will go on sale. It is to be sold “shortly” for 189 euros.

The functions of the Fritzbox 6850 LTE in detail:

  • Dual band WLAN AC + N with up to 1,266 Mbit / s
  • 4 gigabit LAN ports and 1 USB 3.0 port
  • 1 SIM slot in mini SIM format
  • 2 SMA connectors for external antennas
  • LTE router CAT4 with 2×2 MIMO
  • LTE support for FDD band 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20, 28, TDD band 38, 40, 41
  • UMTS and HSPA + – support for volume 1, 5, 8
  • Telephone system for fixed network telephony via mobile radio (All-IP)
  • DECT base for up to 6 telephones and smart home applications
  • Connection for analog telephone / fax and up to 10 IP telephones
  • Support for door intercoms with SIP client
  • FritzOS with mesh, child lock, media server, Fritz Nas, WiFi guest access

Fritzbox: New 5G router planned

In addition to existing LTE routers, AVM plans to launch a 5G router called Fritzbox 6850 5G later this year. Gigabit connections should be possible here and a particularly large number of other devices can be connected to the router. There is no price for the model yet.

How to get more out of Fritz boxes:

The Fritzbox 6820 LTE is already available and supports WLAN with up to 450 megabits per second. Here, 117.49 euros are due. The Fritzbox 6890 LTE model offers even more, which can achieve up to 1,733 megabits per second via 5 GHz WLAN. At Amazon, the mobile router is currently available for a little more than 300 euros.

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