This is Spotify Premium Duo, a special plan for couples cheaper

Spotify Premium Duo is the new special plan for couples of the platform that is available in Spain for 12.99 euros per month.

Spotify, than you are testing voice activation, is one of the most popular streaming music platforms, so it does not cease its efforts to incorporate new features, such as allowing users choose songs for your dogs or cats. But not only that, but it also offers new subscription plans to attract more users, and it has recently launched Premium Duo, a special plan for couples which is cheaper and has special functions.

Through a press release, Spotify has officially presented Premium Duo, its new subscription plan that is now available in 55 markets worldwide, including Spain. The new subscription of the platform is designed for two people who live in the same house and has a price of 12.99 euros per month for users of the platform in our country. Each person included in the plan will have their own account to enjoy the unique benefits of Premium, such as ad-free listening, as well as access to a catalog of over 50 million songs and over a million podcast titles.


Spotify launches Premium Duo, the new subscription plan for two people.

In addition, users they will also have exclusive access to Duo Mix, a playlist that is regularly updated for the couple to discover new favorite songs to listen to together. Alex Norström, Chief Freemium Business Officer at Spotify, stated that they are “proud to launch Spotify Premium Duo, a one-of-a-kind subscription offer for two people who share the same home and which includes our extensive catalog of music and podcasts, as well like all the advantages that our Spotify Premium users enjoy. With two individual Premium accounts, both will have independent and uninterrupted access to your personalized playlists and new custom-made functionalities ”.

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Spotify Premium Duo, a special plan for couples for 12.99 euros per month

Spotify Premium Duo

Spotify Premium Duo comes to Spain for 12.99 euros per month.

A study carried out on users of the well-known platform has revealed that 73% of couples listen to music together to remember happy moments and 63% affirm that it helps them define their personality and create moments together that are not forgotten. To sign up for this new plan, just go to and follow the instructions that are marked on the page.

Of course, it is important to note that the two users must reside at the same address to be able to subscribe to this new Spotify plan, a platform that currently has a community of more than 286 million active users. In the same way, those who are already Premium members can switch to Premium Duo directly from their account, an action that allows you to maintain your existing Premium accounts along with all your saved music, podcasts, playlists and recommendations.

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