This is the 120x megazoom of the new Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

What is the 120x zoom of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra capable of? They put the mobile camera to the test to verify it.

With the new Mi 10 Ultra, Xiaomi introduced the most advanced photographic system that we have seen so far on a mobile of the brand, with a spectacular zoom up to 120x which led it to be the highest rated mobile in the history of DxOMark.

But, What is the Mi 10 Ultra’s “superzoom” really capable of? He leaker of Chinese origin Ice Universe has been able to test the capabilities of the company’s new terminal, showing that, as surprising as it may sound to have a 120x zoom on a mobile phone, when push comes to shove, it is still a function of not much use.

The 120x zoom of the Mi 10 Ultra, put to the test

In the tests, it can be seen that the zoom system of the Mi 10 Ultra It does not behave in a very different way from others with similar capabilities that we have been able to test this year, such as the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

This implies that, in the first zoom levels – up to 10x magnification -, the camera produces images with a more than sufficient level of detail, and of course of higher quality than those produced by mobiles without optical zoom.

Problems appear when overcome the 10x barrier. From there, the famous watercolor effect and the loss of detail are substantial. Also, I’m very afraid that stabilizing the camera at maximum zoom levels to capture a shake-free image can be quite an ordeal.

It is clear that, as it already happened in other mobiles with similar zoom capabilities, the fact of having such a wide range does not add much value to the photographic experience, and it is not surprising that firms like Samsung have limited the maximum zoom of their latest terminals to 50x.

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