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This is the cheap 40-inch television from Xiaomi

by Tejas Dhawan

Xiaomi has released a new cheap television, and we are not surprised by these types of launches, since Smart TVs have dropped considerably in price in recent years, and are products that, right now, have a very affordable price, and have become quite democratized, just as it happened with smartphones years ago.

The case is that the new Smart TV from Xiaomi, 43 inches, has a laugh price, specifically, cost more or less than a Redmi Note 8, that is to say, 150 euros, and it may be one of the best options you see on the market right now. Of course, at the moment, this is only for sale in China.

This is the new cheap Xiaomi television

Xiaomi is one of the companies that are most comfortable launching products with a good value for money, and that is something that is evident in each of their launches, despite the fact that now its strategy in the telephony segment may be changing to a certain extent. In exchange, this television costs less than 150 euros, and is an incredible price.

This cheap Xiaomi Smart TV has a panel of a size of 43 inches at a Full HD resolution. At this size 4K can already be implemented and that makes sense, however, we must not forget that we are dealing with ultra-cheap television, and For that price, 4K resolution would make the company lose money with every unit produced. And, even if they have little profit margin, we must not forget that the company must earn some money with its products in order to maintain itself.

As usual in the Chinese company, this Smart TV, in addition to being cheap, has the advantage of being designed without frames, in order to offer a more immersive experience that helps to avoid distractions and that, incidentally, occupies less surface, It never hurts if you have a piece of furniture specifically intended to leave the television, since this can make it not fit if the television is very large.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4C 43

We are facing a Smart TV, and that means that it has software, specifically PatchWall, which is the layer that Xiaomi introduces on its Smart TVs In addition to Android TV and that we already show you in our analysis of the 55-inch Xiaomi Mi TV 4S and that allows both access to multiple streaming services known around the world, as well as viewing content from Chinese services in this country. So, considering that it was launched in China only, it makes a lot of sense. Although, if we see it outside the Asian country, it will surely have Android TV.

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As you can imagine, this device has with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, in addition to having HDMI, audio and even USB connections to be able to play content from an external source, or even to connect LEDs on the back of the television, which always look good.

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