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This is the curious origin of the QR code

This is the curious origin of the QR code

Right now, the QR code has become a widely used resource to convert a graphic element into a link. And yes, we refer to these codes with squares filled with more black squares that are capable of leading us to a website. But, as you can imagine, it is not something that has emerged overnight, but these codes have their history.

A few years ago they became quite fashionable in all kinds of establishments, business cards or even promotional posters, since With the appearance and popularization of camera phones and smartphones, these made a lot of sense. And it is that, simply by capturing this square with the mobile camera, we will be taken to a link on the internet, although it is not the only thing they can do, far from it.

Today we are going to explain to you what has been the history of the increasingly popular QR codes that, with reason, have become something widely used in recent times, let’s take a look!

QR codes on WhatsApp

QR codes are found in a large number of apps, such as WhatsApp.

This is the history of QR codes

The invention of QR codes –Quick Response– is not recent, since we have to go back to 1995, which is the year in which an engineer named Hara Masahiro, a Denso worker, invented these curious codes that continue to accompany us to this day, and he did so inspired by the board game Sink the Fleet, as explained by Hara himself:

“I used to play on my lunch hour. One day as I sorted the black and white pieces on the grid, I realized that it represented a direct way to convey information. It was a eureka moment ”

Masahiro was an engineer, and I devised these codes so that employees did not have to scan as many frames, and could obtain a large number of information with a single scan, something that this makes perfectly possible, since they can contain more than 4,200 alphanumeric characters, which are encoded in patterns.

Share Wi-Fi by QR on Android Q

Passwords for Wi-Fi networks can also be shared using QR codes

However, he did not have the resources to fully develop this technology, so he decided open the patent so that other companies could use their QR codes, and by 2002 it had already become quite popular in Japan. Today you can vouch that it was a good idea.

QR codes have a lot of uses

Right now It is not an exaggeration to say that QR codes are used worldwide, And the truth is that it is something that even you can use to create a link to a website of your choice.


Scan this QR code

The uses of the QR code do not stop at simple links

QR codes offer infinite possibilities, and some uses that are not limited to simply being links to an Internet URL. And it is that, layers like MIUI, for example, offer the possibility to use these QR codes to share the WiFi password with other smartphones.

They even exist SOS bracelets with unique printed QR codes that you can configure with your medical data, in case you ever have an accident or similar situation. In this way you can have access to your data even if you are unconscious. Even WhatsApp has joined the use of these QR codes.

In fact, these codes have crossed the border of usability, and have even become a symbol that can acquire sentimental character, since there are many people who have tattooed the QR code of a special song, some with very unfortunate results, we will not deny it.

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