This is the first real image of the Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung is having a very active 2020 in terms of launches, with Galaxy S more ambitious than ever or the Galaxy Z Flip, the first folding mobile with a glass screen. However, the South Korean company would be preparing even more ambitious releases for the second half of the year, and one of them would be the successor to the original Galaxy Fold.

In recent months we have heard a multitude of rumors, and we have even known some leak of its design, but in these types of circumstances everything can change until the last day. Today we know more information about this mobile, seeing a real image for the first time.

The first real photograph of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

The Galaxy Fold was one of the mobiles that we liked the most in 2019, a mobile capable of becoming a tablet that had many problems reaching the market due to last-minute delays but that finally remained as an anecdote, and the second generation promises to solve many of the aspects that were pending in this team.

After several months of uncertainty, we finally have a real photograph of its successor, which would end up being called the Galaxy Z Fold 5G, which is on the home screen. Beyond this bombastic name, we don’t know much more information about the device.

Regarding the previous generation, we can see that no longer has the large cut that the original Fold had, although as the entire screen is in black, we cannot know the location of the hole for the camera either.

When will the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G be unveiled? As of today there is no confirmed date, but it would not be surprising if we know more about it during the Samsung Unpacked that will be held on August 5, an event in which the Samsung CEO himself has confirmed that they will present 5 new devices.

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