This is the Miele induction hob that kills bad fumes

This is the Miele induction hob that kills bad fumes

Miele is a well-known manufacturer of premium appliances. In October of last year the manufacturer announced that its new Generation 7000 was arriving in Spain. Within the new range of products we had from furnaces with internal chamber to smart induction hobs. Precisely within the range of hobs we found a new model with integrated extraction. Well now the manufacturer has slightly renewed this model with an improved design in which no element protrudes from the countertop surface, neither the smoke and odor extractor.

In the new Miele induction hob with integrated extraction, the pots and pans slide effortlessly thanks to a large ceramic glass surface. We can even pass them over the suction system without any problem and without affecting the contents of the pan.

The extractor integrates seamlessly into the induction hob to prevent smoke and odors from dispersing around the cooking area. The plate has the automatic system With @ ctivity 2.0 de Miele, which establishes the appropriate power level at all times throughout the cooking process. On the other hand, in order to perform a more efficient cleaning, the extractor has a easily removable metal filter which can be placed in the dishwasher.

Flexibility, power and design

induction plate Miele TwinBooster

The smart induction surface of this new Miele hob incorporates the TwinBooster technology, which allows the induction power to be distributed or concentrated in a single zone. In addition, the plate has two Powerflex cooking zones and a centrally located vapor extraction system.

The induction hob with integrated extractor uses a Eco Motor in the downdraft extractor which is powerful and quiet. As a DC motor, operation is energy efficient and works in boost configuration with a 570 m³ / h air flow. Furthermore, the technical components are housed in the same unit and take up little space.

On the other hand, the plate uses the SmartSelect controls from Miele, which allow simple but precise use of the different functions of the worktop. And so that cleaning the plate is as easy as using it, it includes CleanCover, a closed surface that prevents contact with the electrical connections and the motor.

The new induction hob with integrated extractor from Miele is already on sale in specialized stores.

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