this is the new Google proposal

Every few years we see one application stand out above the rest. Facebook was at the time, then Snapchat and in 2020 the winner is clearly the Chinese TikTok.

There are many companies that are copying some of their ideas since the app succeeds not only in China but in markets such as Spain or the United States. Facebook, without going any further, has released reels on Instagram, which is the response of Mark Zuckerberg to not having been able to acquire TikTok.

Today it is Google that is inspired quite clearly by the Asian service, although not with a social app, but with a kind of online store.

Shoploop is an app to buy beauty products

TiKTok turned into online store: this is the new Google proposal

Area 120 is Google’s experimental software division and that’s where this app came from. Shoploop It offers us videos of up to 90 seconds where certain creators show us how various beauty products work.

We can buy them directly from the application, with the peace of mind that our data does not end in a dubious store. The idea is to simplify a very common purchase flow:

  1. We see a product that we like on a social network.
  2. We go to Youtube to see how it is and look for opinions.
  3. We go to an online store to buy it.

Shoploop’s proposal is to be able to do all that without leaving the application. And at no time is the social component lost since we can follow the creators we like the most and share their content through any app we have on mobile.

As we indicated at the beginning, for now the project focuses on creators of content related to the facial care, makeup, manicure and hair care. It is possible that this will expand in the future but we do not know.

At the moment this service has been launched in a limited way in some markets and we cannot download it in Spain but if it works we have no doubt that Google will make it international.

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