this is the new Huawei bracelet

We are having a particularly intense summer when it comes to product presentations. Multiple models have been launched in the last few weeks and August is not going to be calmer. And we are not only talking about mobiles that we can buy in Spain, but also accessories of all kinds, among which are headphones and smart bracelets.

At the beginning of this July, Xiaomi announced in Spain the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, a bracelet with an excellent value for money but that was not especially different from its predecessor.

At the end of the month Huawei will present its own, the Huawei TalkBand B6, and here we do have some novelties, aesthetic and functional.

The new Huawei bracelet leaked on video

A few days before that announcement, which will take place on July 30, a video has been leaked in which we can see the final product.

As seen, this bracelet can still become a bluetooth headset, hence its name. Now it incorporates a USB C port for charging although the most curious thing is its new curved screen, which adapts well to the strap and also to the position of the earpiece in our each.

Curved screen and USB C port: this is the new Huawei bracelet

This display has grown a lot since the previous model, which had a 1.13-inch diagonal. The B6’s diagonal is 1.53 inches, and it has a pixel density of 326 dpi.

The display has also improved its visibility outdoors by incorporating an anti-glare coating.

Features include a blood oxygen detector, motion detector, remote camera shutter, FIRSTBEAT training guide, new sport modes, etc.

It will be the first Huawei bracelet to use the Kirin A1, the processor we saw in its smart watches. In a few days we will know more details, as well as its price and availability.

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