this is the new IQOO fast charge

Mobile manufacturers have been increasing the capacities of their terminal batteries for a few years by increasing their size. However, what has really meant a change has been the increase in loading speed.

We have seen mobiles that use loads of 40W, 50W and even 65W, like some OPPO models.

Today it is a company of the same conglomerate, IQOO, which presents a 120 W fast charge technology that promises to fill a standard battery in 15 minutes.

From 0 to 100 in a quarter of an hour: this is the IQOO fast charge

Full battery in 15 minutes: this is the new IQOO fast charge

At an event held in China IQOO, a sub-brand of the giant Vivo, has announced its new charging method Flash Charge, with maximum speeds of 120 W.

It is important to note that this is not the first technology that promises this and Vivo already announced something like this last year. What is new, and important, is that IQOO promises that this fast charge will be seen on a commercial mobile in a few weeks.

In addition to being able to charge a standard battery in 15 minutes, we could have 50% of the total in just 5 minutes. To reach 80% we would only need 10 minutes. In the IQOO model, the mobile has two 2000 mAh batteries instead of one 4000, in order to increase the charging speed.

Full battery in 15 minutes: this is the new IQOO fast charge

Obviously this technology will degrade the battery sooner, as OPPO confirmed with the 65W load.

Terminals that use Flash Charge will have a liquid heat sink, so it would be normal to see this first novelty in gaming mobiles, which are the ones that usually bet, mainly, on this type of heatsinks.

In fact, it is speculated that the first mobile to use Flash Charge will be the IQOO Pro 3 5G with the Snapdragon 865+ that will be presented next month.

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