This is the Samsung mobile sterilizer

The new sterilizer from the Korean firm is capable of disinfecting and charging a device at the same time.

Samsung has officially unveiled a new mobile UV sterilizer with wireless charging, a really useful product in the current situation around the world for disinfect a device effectively.

Clean and disinfect a smartphone or wireless headphones it is really important to keep these devices in top condition. With the new Samsung product it will be even easier to do this.

Samsung Sterilizer

Samsung has a new mobile sterilizer.

The new sterilizer from the South Korean firm can be used to quickly disinfect a smartphone, such as the Galaxy Buds or the Galaxy Watch, as reported by 91mobiles.

A product that, according to the company, is capable of effectively killing the 99% of bacteria and germs, like Staphylococcus aureus, in just 10 minutes.

The sterilizer is designed to fit many products, including glasses. It even supports large phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra or the Galaxy Note10 +.

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A sterilizer capable of killing 99% of bacteria and germs

Samsung sterilizer

Samsung’s sterilizer kills 99% of bacteria and germs, according to the company.

Samsung’s new sterilizer is equipped with Dual Ultra Violet (UV) lights They can sterilize both the upper and lower surface of the products placed inside.

In addition, it has a 10W charger, so you can place a smartphone or wireless headset that supports fast charging to charge them while disinfecting at the same time.

“The UV sterilizer is a perfect and compact device to keep our personal belongings daily germ free, protected and disinfectedSaid Mohandeep Singh, senior vice president of mobile business at Samsung India.

This new Samsung product with wireless charging support is priced at 3,599 Indian rupees, about 40 euros approximately to change, and will be available in India in early August.

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