This is what the new Samsung Galaxy Note20 could cost

The Galaxy Note20 will be a much cheaper mobile than you imagine, according to the latest clues.

It’s very probable that The Samsung Galaxy Note20 is going to be a much cheaper mobile than you imagine. At least, this is suggested by sources close to the company’s plans, in statements to the Korean portal Yonhap News, who affirm that the company’s new terminal will be he flagship 5G cheaper among all that Samsung has released to date.

The last known information about the Galaxy Note20 already indicated that something had changed. Only a few days ago, we knew that the differences with respect to the Galaxy Note20 Ultra would be notable, not only in terms of photography and specifications, but also in terms of design, since the Galaxy Note20 would have a flat screen and a rear built in plastic, two features that would have helped Samsung to reduce production costs and, ultimately, launch the terminal to the market at a lower price than we are used to.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 green

Green, one of the new colors of the Galaxy Note20

Galaxy Note20, Samsung’s cheapest 5G flagship, according to Yonhap

According to the sources indicated above, Samsung would have decided to change its strategy with the Galaxy Note20 series. Thus, the “normal” model would have a price of 1,199 million won, about $ 993, equivalent to about 830 euros. If so, we would speak of a price lower than 959 euros that the Galaxy Note10 cost at the time. This figure would bring the price of the Galaxy Note20 closer to that of the Galaxy S20 presented at the beginning of the year.

It is necessary to mention that the price to which the sources refer would be that of the 5G variant of the Galaxy Note20, because we know that there will be an edition lacking a 5G modem, probably more affordable.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 in bronze color

This is the new Samsung Galaxy Note20 in bronze color.

Apparently, with this price reduction, the company would intend to boost sales and recover from the fall caused by the crisis experienced globally in recent months. Still, those who prefer to buy a terminal more premium and endowed with the latest technologies developed by Samsung, they will have the possibility of acquiring the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, whose price is rumored to be 1,452 million won, close to $ 1,200 To the change. Both models will be presented at the virtual Unpacked event on August 5, along with other products that the company has already confirmed.

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