This is what the new Samsung smartwatch really looks like

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Officially, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will be launched in a few days, but a tech enthusiast has already managed to get hold of a model of the new smartwatch – and quickly turned a hands-on. Thanks to the video, we finally know what the new watch really looks like and what we can expect from the new model.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in hands-on: evolution instead of revolution

There have been all sorts of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 for months. On August 5, it should be ready: Samsung will officially present the new smartwatch as part of the Note 20 Unpacked event. However, the tech YouTuber “The Mobile Central” somehow managed to get hold of one of the new models and recorded a video in which he presented the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in detail:

What strikes right at the beginning of the video: Samsung seems to be very clearly oriented towards the Apple Watch when it comes to packaging. While the previous models were delivered in significantly more square boxes, the Galaxy Watch 3 now comes in an elongated box, which shows the full length of the smartwatch including the bracelet after the cover has been lifted off. The Galaxy Watch 3 of the YouTuber is the 41 mm model in rose gold with a strong copper engraving, which he also compares in the course of the video in a size comparison of the Apple Watch and other models in the Galaxy Watch series. The bracelet seems to be made of leather. However, whether this is a vegan variant cannot be said.

Samsung remains true to itself: Galaxy Watch 3 is better, but not a revelation

“It is the typical Galaxy Watch configuration that we have already got used to.” This sentence from the YouTuber summarizes his first experience with the new Galaxy Watch 3 very well. Interface, watch faces, quick settings and the functionality of the rotating bezel do not seem to have changed. Samsung continues to rely on the now well-known Tizen, so previous users of a Galaxy Watch should already be familiar with the operating system.

German users, on the other hand, could be pissed off because Google Pay is not yet available for Tizen. And since Samsung Pay has not yet started in this country, you will probably still have to do without the option of contactless payment.

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The build quality is described as very good and clean, but the length of the bracelet is quite short. People with a slightly thicker wrist may have trouble attaching the watch at all. According to The Mobile Central, this could be due to the fact that the smaller version of the smartwatch is primarily intended for a female target group.

We will probably get all information about the Galaxy Watch 3 at the big event on August 5th. If news is announced in advance, we will keep you up to date.

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