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this is what you consume

Stadia already allows playing with 4G or 5G from the mobile.

When he is on the way to completing his first year of life, Google Stadia you’re ready to allow play using 4G or 5G mobile data. This has been announced by Google itself through the official community of the streaming game platform, where they explain that, since July 28, subscribers will be able to enjoy their favorite titles through any Android mobile with a data rate, without the need for a Wi-Fi network.

Of course, this novelty has created certain doubts among the gaming community: How much data does playing Google Stadia consume? The people of 9to5Google has been able to test this new modality of the service to give us the answer.

Stadia already allows to play with 4G or 5G

Google support for Stadia controller

Google Stadia allows to play through mobile data.

As the company itself explains, play available titles on Stadia through mobile using mobile data is, for now, a experiment and it is not a function enabled by default on the platform. In fact, in order to activate this option it is necessary access Stadia settings manually and, within the “Experiments” section, enable the function mobile data.

With this feature enabled, Google Stadia subscribers will be able to enjoy your favorite games wherever they are, regardless of whether a Wi-Fi network is available. Of course, this type of game has its disadvantages, the clearest being the fact that, in general, a mobile network connection is not as stable as a Wi-Fi connection, especially if we are on the move. Be that as it may, it is clear that it is a function intended to be used once 5G networks are more and better implemented.

Stadia devices

Google Stadia is available on a wide variety of different devices

Another aspect to consider is that of consumption. Google itself suggests figures that range from 2.27 GB per game hour, and the first tests carried out seem to give reason to the estimates shared by the company. This leaves us with some data that suggests that, in general, six one-hour gaming sessions with Stadia using mobile data they would completely consume a 15 GB mobile data voucher. Therefore, we also talk about a more well-thought-out modality to be used in association with a unlimited data rate, of those that are still scarce in most regions of the world.

Finally, it must be taken into account that, By using mobile data, Google reduces the quality of streaming considerably, leaving a resolution that is closer to 480p than the 4K resolution that the service can offer on some platforms. Still, it is to be expected that over time Google will refine the technology, optimizing resources to consume less mobile data while offering better resolution. In the meantime, you’d better not spend playing Gylt if you don’t want to have surprises in your phone bill at the end of the month.

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