This is WhatsApp's new bull-hunting feature

WhatsApp has made official a new feature to verify the veracity of the messages that the user receives.

WhatsApp has announced through an official statement that it is deploying a new function that will facilitate all users of the app the power verify if the information received is true.

This verification function will be implemented from this moment in a number of specific countries, starting with Spain, Brazil, United States, Ireland, Italy, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

How to know if a message is false on WhatsApp? Use the new search function

As reported by WhatsApp, the purpose of the search function is to allow users identifying those suspicious messages not being true or including incorrect information.

It is important to note here that WhatsApp does not censor information, but only offers users the possibility of search the Internet for related information with those messages that have been forwarded many times.

This action will not tell us if a message is false or not, but, as with the “Forwarded” tag, it will help us to know whether or not we can trust the information we have received.

WhatsApp screenshot showing the function of searching messages on the Internet

Next to the forwarded WhatsApp messages, a magnifying glass icon appears, which leads to an Internet search.

For this, the solution presented by WhatsApp is simple: a chat will appear button with a magnifying glass that will perform a related search on the Internet of all those messages that have been forwarded many times.

In this way, users of the messaging platform will be able to find new information and points of view as well as check messages on your own.

In the same statement WhatsApp informs its users that this search is done by the browser that is configured on the device, so WhatsApp never accesses the content of the message.

Finally, you should know that, in case you don’t see the function in the app, you probably have to update WhatsApp, since this new feature will only be available for latest versions of WhatsApp, both on Android, iOS and WhatsApp Web.

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