This is why your YouTube comments receive too standard responses

This is why your YouTube comments receive too standard responses

Those YouTube users with enough followers on their channel know the work involved in having to read the comments on their videos and give them an answer. Such responsibility can mean being hours in front of the computer trying to manage an entire community.

Luckily, from YouTube Studio, the tool that YouTube offers to manage your channels, it is already possible to activate the Smart response option to comments, SmartReply. A function that allows free hours for content creators, but which should not be abused.


Automatic responses

Similar to what we have been seeing in Gmail for quite some time, YouTube offers the possibility of choosing between a selection of possible responses already created by the platform. This new function is called SmartReply, and is currently only available to Spanish or English speaking creators.

As you can see in the image above, just select the phrase that best fits the context of the comment and send it, saving us having to write an answer by ourselves.

Obviously, these types of “type” responses will be useful for certain situations in which a very elaborate response is not required. In fact, its use is quite reduced in this regard, since, in the event that they are questioning us with some type of question or because they want us to clarify some information, we will have no choice but to work it out.

In fact, although it can be useful for us to be in contact with our community and strengthen closeness with our followersWe do not believe that it is a resource to abuse. Ultimately, the answers are fairly standard and can feel cold or repetitive when interacting with another user.

More than just words

Although the answers may seem somewhat simple or very basic, behind SmartReply there is an entire Deep Learning system that is not at all simple. As you can read on the blog of Google creators, the tool uses the neural networks to process the sentences in the comments and extract words and short expressions that can work within the context.

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