This manufacturer is unbeatably cheap

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Apple is generally not considered cheap, but sometimes the US manufacturer exaggerates and goes overboard, especially when it comes to accessories. But there are alternatives. A manufacturer is now doing an excellent job for Apple, showing how it can be cheaper and, in the end, even better.

Mac Pro (2019)

We remember: If you want to fit castors under the Mac Pro’s case, you have to spend an incredible 849 euros in retrospect, but even as a pure BTO option, the “wheels” cost a full 500 euros extra. Apple earned ridicule, laughter, and head shakes around the world for this type of pricing. Even well-heeled Mac Pro customers have to think twice about whether they are really willing to put so much money on the table for something like that.

Apple is kidding: Alternative roles for the Mac Pro cheaper and better

But there is another way, as the well-known accessories specialist OWC (Other World Computing) is currently proving with its counter offer – called OWC Rover Pro. Four castors for the Mac Pro that can be quickly attached under the standard feet. So you don’t have to dismantle them like with Apple, they can stay where they are. The manufacturer explains the simple, yet innovative assembly in the following video:

And there is something else that OWC’s castors do better, because the manufacturer also includes suitable “brake pads”. The Mac Pro can no longer roll away on uneven surfaces. The Apple original was still missing something like that.

Freely movable rollers that can be fixed with a brake block if necessary (Image: OWC).

Current introductory offer

But how much do you have to pay for it now? OWC is currently charging a modest 199 euros (including tax), according to the introductory offer, 249 euros will be due later. In short: Far less than the Apple roles, but even more flexible and better equipped. Shipping costs are not added within the EU. The bottom line: The OWC rollers only cost a fraction of the “Apple rims”.

GIGA thinks: The right product for the bargain hunters among Mac Pro users. Because even if they have already invested a lot of money in themselves for the Apple computer, even wealthy customers are reluctant to make senseless additional expenses – nothing comes from nothing.

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