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This minimalist weather app is just what your mobile needs

This minimalist weather app is just what your mobile needs

Overdrop Weather, one of the best weather applications for Android that you can use.

It may be the enormous variety of weather appsavailable on Android which makes it so difficult to go for one. That, or that our eagerness to try new applications makes it impossible for us to tie ourselves to a single app for more than a month. Be that as it may, the reality is that we like to test each of the new applications that land in this category with the aim of finding the best one, and Overdrop it is dangerously close to that perfection that many of us have been seeking for some time.

Overdrop is not a new application, but it is one of the latest apps of the time that have reached Google Play for Android, and the App Store for iPhone. It is a Minimalist weather app with flag design, and that gathers the utilities that the vast majority of people might need from it.

OverDrop Weather

This is what the Overdrop Weather home screen looks like

Everything Overdrop Weather offers

As I said, Overdrop is a weather app that stands out for its magnificent design and a varied collection of widgets for the home screen. In fact, at the time we selected it as one of the apps with the best widgets for Android.

In addition, its creators define it as an application Elegant, because its design stands out for maintaining a good balance between the sober and the modern. But of course, it is not far behind in terms of profits focused on reporting the state of the weather.

Radar, real-time weather and weather alerts

One of Overdrop’s strengths compared to other applications of this type is the fact of being based on dark sky, the meteorology application acquired by Apple that for years has been a reference for offering extremely accurate weather data thanks to its focus hyperlocal, which makes the climate data fit with great precision to the exact location of the user who uses it. Of course, sooner or later Overdrop will have to find an alternative to the Dark Sky API, as it will no longer be available in the coming years.

Using this data, Overdrop offers the classic functions of this type of applications: hourly forecast, real-time weather alerts and a most interesting tool such as a Radar with real-time information.

Another of its interesting functions is the possibility of configure notifications that will warn us about severe weather situations, such as storms, rain prediction, and other conditions.

Widgets and themes for all tastes

What really makes Overdrop special is its appearance. Since the disappearance of Weather Timeline from Google Play, not too many apps of the time stood out from the rest for having a well-groomed appearance. So the arrival of Overdrop was a breath of fresh air for the category of mobile weather apps.

Instead of adopting the features of Material Design or other visual languages, Overdrop bets on its own aesthetics, modern and clean in equal parts in which it occurs great importance to graphics and animations. In fact, its creators emphasize this last aspect and points it out as one of Overdrop’s unique features.

The app has different topics to choose from, including a totally black theme intended to take advantage of OLED screens. You also need to stop at your collection of widgets with an exquisite design and in different size formats, in many cases based on tool-oriented widget packs like KWGT.

Overdrop can be downloaded totally free on Google Play and App Store, and its free edition offers us access to most of its functions, although it will be necessary to get used to seeing the odd advertisement. However, there is the possibility of subscribe to version Pro for a fee of 1.59 euros for one month or 4.19 euros for one year. There is also the possibility of unlock version Pro indefinitely with a single payment of 8.49 euros.

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