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This Reddit user took care of it: Netflix bought its horror story

This Reddit user took care of it: Netflix bought its horror story

Netflix has reportedly paid a 7-digit amount for the rights to Matt Query’s horror short story My Wife and I Bought A Ranch. It is a story that was originally published in six parts on Reddit.

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The first part of Query’s story appeared five months ago and was a huge success with the community. Over 3,000 readers gave the post a thumbs up and some “Reddit Awards” were also given. Over the past few months, the writer has continued the story and ended up with six parts. As reported by Deadline, Netflix snapped and paid a 7-digit amount for the rights to the story and the screenplay for Matt Query’s brother Harrison.

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What is the story about that Netflix finds so interesting? The original story is about war veteran Harry and his wife Sasha, who manage to get a good deal on an Idaho ranch, only to find out that their new dream home is haunted by a sinister spirit. When the ghost appears at the beginning of each season, they have to protect themselves with certain rituals and keep it in check. The struggle between Harry and the spirit continues with every ritual and becomes more personal and tense over time.

Production is managed by Scott Glassgold and his company Ground Control Entertainment. According to the report, there are currently additional talks with Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen from 21 Laps (Stranger Things) as well as Atomic Monsters James Wan and Michael Clear.

However, this is not the first work that the Query brothers sold to Netflix. Harrison Query already wrote the screenplay for the Netflix film The Three Musketeers. It is possible that we will see more of the brothers in the next few years.

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