This Samsung app already has more than a billion downloads

Samsung Knox is in luck, and is that the security ‘suite’ also praised by Google today celebrates a billion downloads of the Secure Folder app on the Android platform

A couple of days ago, Google Play Services became the first Android app to exceed 10,000,000,000 downloads, having been installed more times than the entire population of the planet, and today it is Samsung who is in luck with Secure Folder, your content security app that also reaches record figures of installations on the Android platform.

Part of the suite room Knox securitization, the truth is that Secure Folder is one of the most useful and interesting applications among all the proposed software on Android of the South Korean giant, offering the possibility of create a limited and encrypted environment to separate professional and personal parts in the same smartphone of our mobile communications, without effort or complications.

Biometric authentication in Samsung Secure Folder

Biometric authentication in Samsung Secure Folder, or how to keep your private data safe

It has worked so well Knox in BYOD environmentsBring Your Own DeviceFor its acronym in English- that many companies chose to deliver corporate tools for their employees to use over Knox, and even Google itself praised Samsung using part of its technology to develop a really underused Android for Work.

In this case, the Secure Folder Samsung allows us create separate instances of the same applications to have, for example, two WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone, one with the company number and the other with our personal mobile, as well as save separate files that are encrypted and protected from the view of any other user, in addition to allowing us to put access password to certain apps, files or photos in a more than simple way.

Secure Folder is one of the most useful Samsung apps, integrated into the Kno suite ’Knox allows us to create a separate virtual environment to have secondary instances in our social networks, protect files and encrypt the company or private part on our mobiles

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Samsung Secure Folder

The app that will help you keep your professional and personal life separate on the same smartphone

Also, is offered “open” for everyone on the Google Play Store, and although it may seem like a niche application only used by certain types of users, the truth is that it also it is useful for anyone who wants to protect their private data under biometric authentication, password or PIN, without the need for this mobile phone to also be used for business purposes.

Good faith is given by their billion downloads, which clearly stage a greater acceptance than that of just a niche app, hinting that Samsung’s work with its Android software is going from strength to strength with similar figures for your web browser, your email client or the OneUI launcher:

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