This scale that connects to your mobile phone has dropped from 30 to 20 euros

The scale capable of measuring 19 different data about your body.

Advances in technology have allowed us to have more control over many aspects of our lives. And one of the great applications of smartphones and wearables is sports, since they allow us to keep a better record of our progress, and the same goes for complementary devices, such as scales.

And today we are precisely going to teach you a scale that is discounted on Amazon and that is capable of transmitting the data it collects to your smartphone, And the interesting thing is that this will measure not only your weight, but also other aspects such as body fat.

Youngdo Smart Scale

Youngdo’s smart scale sends all the data it collects to your smartphone

Buy Youngdo’s Smart Scale at a discounted price

Health care has become one of the aspects for which wearables and smartphones are ideal, since they allow let’s keep track of our training data, weight, and other parameters that help us see what state our body is in.

This scale is capable of measuring the amount of body fat, the amount of body water and bone mass, among other 16 data that you can quantify thanks to its high precision pressure sensors and electrodes. And all this will be sent to the company’s application on your terminal, which will be where these data are stored so that you have easy access.

In addition, it is a scale that the whole family can use, since it supports up to 8 different users to monitor. Of course, you will need a terminal with a version dand Android 5.0 onwards or iOS 8.0 onwards, something that right now is not complicated at all.

If you live in Latin America, you can always bet on Xiaomi’s smart scale, a good alternative to this Youngdo scale, which also has a minimalist aesthetic.

This is an offer available at the time of article posting. Discounts may vary depending on stock and store demand.

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