This success shook the competition

Image source: GIGA – Huawei P30 Pro

In the middle of perhaps the biggest crisis in the company’s history, Huawei is celebrating an unexpected success. A number is likely to be angry with the competition. The cell phone manufacturer should not rest, however, because a big competitor puts a lot of pressure on it: Apple.


Although Huawei has been covered by economic sanctions from the United States for more than a year, the company has recently succeeded in replacing Samsung as the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Huawei owed this to its strong position in China – after all, the largest mobile communications market in the world. New numbers are now showing how popular Huawei really is in the Middle Kingdom.

Almost every second smartphone sold in China comes from Huawei

Counterpoint Research said that Huawei was by far the most successful smartphone manufacturer in China in the second quarter of 2020. With a market share of 46 percent, Huawei accounted for almost half of all cellphone sales between April and June this year. In other words, almost every second smartphone sold during this period bore the Huawei logo.

Other manufacturers are far behind Oppo comes in second place with 16 percent, closely followed by Apple with 15 percent. Manufacturer Xiaomi, who recently opened its first Germany store in the metropolis of Düsseldorf, only manages a comparatively meager 9 percent. Overall, it was enough for fourth place.

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Strong growth: Apple is on Huawei’s heels

A look at the growth shows that Huawei shouldn’t rest too much on the laurels. Compared to the previous year, the group increased its sales by 14 percentage points. Apple, on the other hand, did more than double with 32 percent growth. The market researchers believe that this should be due to the good sales figures for the cheap iPhone SE (2020).

In addition to the increasingly severe sanctions, Huawei has another reason to step on the gas.

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