This summer Loewe gives a smartbox if you buy one of their televisions

This summer Loewe gives a smartbox if you buy one of their televisions

As you probably know, Loewe televisions have their own operating system for the Smart TV functions that we are all currently looking for in a television. The Loewe OS system gives us access to the most popular applications, such as Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube.. However, other more modern applications may not be available, since it is the creators of the service who must develop the application for each platform.

But the well-known manufacturer does not want users who decide on the image quality offered by Loewe this summer to have to give up seeing some of the newer platforms, such as Disney + or Apple TV +. So they have launched a new promotion for the summer of 2020 consisting of give a smartbox with the purchase of a Loewe television. The idea is for this device to expand access to content applications and streaming servers that are not available in Loewe OS.

Dates and models affected by the promotion

The participating models in this promotion are practically all that Loewe currently has for sale. Specifically they are:

  • Bild 1.49
  • Bild 2.43
  • Bild 2.49
  • Bild 3.43
  • Bild 3.49
  • Bild 3.55 OLED
  • Bild 3.65 OLED
  • Bild 5.55 OLED
  • Bild 5.65 OLED
  • Bild 7.55 OLED

The promotion is valid from July 16, 2020 until end of gift stock. The smartbox arrives included in the packaging of the TV, so we will have it from the first day.

Since Loewe have not confirmed what device has been included in the promotion, but we know that it is a device with Android TV. In addition, being an external device to the television, we can use it on any television that we have at home or in a second home.

How to install the smartbox and operate it with the Loewe TV remote control

Loewe gives away smartbox with TV purchase configuration

As we said, the smartbox comes in the box of the TV, so it will be the user himself who will have to install it. Said installation is quite simple. Just connect the smartbox to the mains and to the TV using the included HDMI cable.

Once connected we will have to press the Home button on the TV remote control and select Sources. We will locate ourselves in the HDMI in which we have connected the smartbox and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

In order for us to operate the smartbox with the Loewe TV remote, it is necessary to activate this control in the smartbox menu. To do this we have to go to the cogwheel of the welcome menu of the smartbox (settings) / device preferences / HDMI CEC / activate. Immediately a Loewe overprint appears indicating that such handling has been detected.

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