This technology millionaire has earned 11,000 million euros in a single day

This technology millionaire has earned 11,000 million euros in a single day

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, has bagged this past Monday no less than 11,000 million euros. Or put another way, the highest gain for an individual made in a single day, As reported by the Bloomberg news agency that they have been making a record of great fortunes since 2012.

This absolute record has been thanks to the fact that the company has seen raise your shares up to 8%. A rise that has benefited the ecommerce environment in general, due to strong optimism and the rise of online shopping in the context of the pandemic.

In this year alone, billionaire Bezos has seen his fortune grow from 64,000 million euros to 164,000 million in the middle of one of the worst crisis the United States has experienced in its recent history.

Shining year

The bag is a roller coaster. And if not, ask Jeff Bezos. In early March of this year, Amazon’s stock plummeted as much as 15%, but they have managed to climb the figures in recent months to grow 73%.

But again, last week Bezos made the news again after having lost 7,000 million euros over the course of two days. Nothing to worry about, if the next Monday you wake up knowing that you have broken the historical record of the greatest profit for a person in just one day.

This catapults Bezos as America’s greatest personal fortune. Above even the valuations of big companies like Nike or McDonald’s. A smart guy who has managed to keep 11.1% of your company’s shares, based in Seattle (Washington), and founded in a garage in the same city in 1994.

Good times for techies

The change in consumption habits in full confinement due to the pandemic, as well as the financial stimuli that governments and central banks are giving to the markets, has had an impact for good among other greats in the technology sector.

Facebook, Microsoft, Apple or Tesla, among others, have seen a significant increase in their shares product of the new social and economic context. This has increased the wealth of these companies and the names behind them.

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