This universal 2×1 and 36W charger has dropped its price by 54%

Soon mobiles could stop including the charger in their sales packages, so you can get ready with this essential accessory from a reliable brand like Aukey and that integrates two connectors, Power Delivery 3.0 and fast charging up to 36W

Apple is thinking of Simplify your iPhone sales package and the entire industry is already aligned with conflicting views. There is no doubt in any case that getting rid of headphones and charger would improve costs facing the manufacturer and also – hopefully – the user, also helping to alleviate a major problem derived from the recycling of these accessories and an ecology little worked to date in the sector.

AND if the new mobiles are going to arrive without a charger already become an essential universal accessory, surely it is best that we go getting ready with some good device like this Aukey, one of the most recognized firms in quality accessories for smartphones, which offers us its universal 2 × 1 charger with a power of 36W at the best price ever.

The 36W Aukey 2x1 USB C charger

Now that the smartphones are going to arrive without a charger, it is good to get ready

In fact, is that Aukey USB C 36W charger offers Power Delivery 3.0 & Dynamic Detect technologies, with an extremely compact design to be comfortable even when traveling, and with USB C connectors for simultaneously charge two devices while maintaining fast charge with intelligent detection of the necessary power for each device.

The charger itself also integrates security mechanisms that detect overheating and overloading so as not to spoil our gadgets, with an optimized use of energy that uses all its power of up to 30W if we charge a single device, reaching 18W if we connect the two ports.

Charger promises to return up to 50% battery in just 30 minutes for a high-end mobile like the new iPhone XS, and it has DC 5V 3A, 9V 3A, 12V 2.5A, 15V 2A and 20V 1.5A powers. Its dimensions are 64 x 60 x 29 millimeters and weighs 120 grams.

The 36W Aukey costs 38.99 euros, but for a limited time it is Available on Amazon Spain with a discount of 54% which leaves its price at more than attractive 17.81 euros, an almost irresistible cost:

The 36W Aukey 2x1 USB C charger

We also have an identical model for the American market, although with USB Type-A in this case

For Latin American friends, we also have an option

And how do we know that many friends follow us from Latin America and there Amazon Spain does not operate or ship, we wanted to search for you a valid option from the same manufacturer, which in its case maintains the power of 36W and a similar price of 18.56 euros, with shipments to your markets and only a few minor differences.

The first is obviously his Type A wall connector compatible with plugs used in America, slightly reducing dimensions and weight with 64 x 63 x 28 millimeters and 116 grams. It maintains the same output powers and the same characteristics, but in its case it has two USB Type-A connectors without jumping to the USB C last generation:

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