This Wear OS app fixes Google Fit absences

Wear OS is one of the smartwatch systems with the greatest presence on the market, although that does not mean, far from it, that it is as complete a system as Android is on mobile phones.

Sports monitoring is one of the areas where you need to improve the most. Fortunately, the open nature of this system allows independent developers to unleash the full potential Google has yet to achieve.

If you use Wear OS you need this sports application

Google Fit is an application that has improved a lot over the years, but it still has a long way to go. Proof of this is in the acquisition of Fitbit, a company whose sports application is much more complete.

However, until Google improves its application with Fitbit technology, it may take many months. If you have a Wear OS watch and want to keep better track of what Google Fit offers you, Fit Companion is what you need.

This application allows us to better track our activity goals. Just install it on your mobile and on your watch and set your goals. These goals can be by activity time, distance, or measurements (steps, active calories, Google Fit heart points, and much more).

Once established, we will have rings to close, in the style of Apple Watch. Speaking of the Apple Watch, if you want to have a metric similar to that of the Apple Watch, you can mark 500 active calories, 30 minutes of sports and be on your feet in at least 12 hours.

In addition to goals, Fit Companion has history of activity and active hours.

Fit companion uses the data recorded by Google Fit, so more than a substitute for the Google application, it becomes a perfect complement to it.

Free with upgrades paying premium

The Wear OS Companion application is free without ads, although we can pay 1.69 euros to access new improvements such as:

  • Being able to export the data to files as a spreadsheet.
  • Ability to select a period of time greater than one month in the history tab.
  • Unlimited fitness goals (what your body can hold).
  • Complications for Wear OS of unlimited goals.
  • Widgets for Android with unlimited goals.
  • Ability to view past days and weeks in the active hours tab.

Without a doubt, one of the best applications that we can find in Wear OS.




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