This week in gaming: Our top stories – July 17th

Another week, another roundup of the top gaming stories. Check out our favorite news from the past seven days.

Far Cry 6

Just as our news editor Lewie suspected, the upcoming game with Giancarlo Esposito was exposed as a new Far Cry title. However, it turned out to be revealed a little earlier than planned when a Playstation Hong Kong store page leaked a few days before the official announcement. Are we really surprised? Who can remember a Ubisoft game that didn’t leak?

Far Cry 6 accidentally announced early on PSN HK

Ubisoft Forward

Ubisoft forward

Speaking of Ubisoft, they held their online event this week – Ubisoft Forward. We’ve seen more footage from Watch Dogs Legion, an ode to the popular siege of Rainbow Siz Siege, and new game announcements. Your upcoming hyperscape shooter, the Far Cry 6 mentioned earlier, and some minor titles that don’t really matter to most people (sorry Ubisoft). You can read about everything in our summary below.

All important news from Ubisoft Forward

Devolver digital

There was another online gaming event this week where Devolver Digital presented its list of upcoming titles, which was expected to be quite mixed. Never one who disappointed with their events, it was as cheeky as we hoped. You can review the full description of all events by clicking the link below.

Devolver Direct Roundup

Microsoft Flight Simulator

There was a lot of buzz this week about Microsoft Flight Simulator. We’ll get a closed beta before the full release in August this month, so don’t wait long for your aviation fans to wait. To celebrate, we’ve covered the system requirements you’ll need to play the title so you can dive right in, and a good look back at how far these Sims have come.

Closed Beta announced for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator lands on PC on August 18

Flight Simulators: An Introduction | Games, hardware & history

System requirements for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Razer Huntsman Mini

huntsmanmini2 1

We’re always looking for shiny new peripherals for our gaming setup. So when we heard that Razer is releasing a new keyboard this week, it’s safe to say the work chat has been hyped up. The Razer Huntsman Mini is a pretty little model and acts as the first all 60% board. You can read what we thought of it in our full description below, but it’s safe to say that Razer has lived up to its name with this great product.

Razer releases ultra-compact Huntsman mini keyboard

Halo 3 on the PC

It may have taken 13 years, but this week we finally got our hands on Halo 3 on PC! Why it took so long is unclear, but we are celebrating anyway. We’re looking forward to plunging into what may be the best Halo series title this weekend with our full gaming setups.

After 13 years, Halo 3 is now available on the PC

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill

We already knew that Henry Cavill was a massive nerd. He missed the call to play Superman because he was knee-deep on WoW raids, quarantined miniatures for Warhammer 40K, and answered “PC” to the question between PS4 and Xbox. However, we weren’t expecting to see a hot video this week building his own PC using the musical styles of Marvin Gaye. But that’s exactly what we saw. And, Mr. Cavill, if you read this, we would be happy if you come into our offices and build a PC or play some games, or just hold me with these big witcher arms for a while … Sorry, I got a little distracted . However, our eagle-eyed news team spent some time figuring out exactly what parts he was using in his build. Now you can play The Witcher the way The Witcher plays The Witcher. Check it out below.

Superman star Henry Cavill builds his own gaming PC

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