This will be (supposedly) the most spectacular Samsung mobile to date

A mockup published on social networks reveals the appearance of the supposed most spectacular Samsung mobile to date.

Samsun, who recently introduced the new Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra, continues working on its future terminals. A new mockup has revealed what it will supposedly look like the company’s most spectacular mobile to date.

The first images of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 shortly after the tech giant will officially present the second version of your folding mobile. It should be noted that it is not a leak, but a mockup, a concept of the new flexible smartphone of the Asian company.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 3

This is the model of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3.

This time it was Ben Geskin, a renowned designer, who shared on your Twitter account some pictures of his concept of the next Samsung Galaxy Fold 3, the third generation of the company’s foldable smartphone that is expected to officially arrive in the coming year.

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This would be the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3, according to this concept

Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 open and closed

Open and closed Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 concept.

In recent years, folding phones have generated more buzz, and the second generation of the Fold seems to have fixed the errors of the original. Therefore, it is logical to think that the South Korean company further enhance the design in the next model of this family of smartphones, which is expected to be cheaper over the years.

In the images you can see that the model of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 presents larger diagonal displays, reduced bezels and secondary cameras. There is even speculation about the possibility that the front has a camera under the screen.

For the moment it’s just a concept and a mockup, so it’s not official. You just have to wait for Samsung to announce the new Galaxy Fold 3 next year to know all its news.

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