This will be the new high-end Xiaomi: first official image

Last week it was announced that Xiaomi was going to hold an event on August 11 on the occasion of its tenth anniversary. At this event the brand will present new products, which will surely be launched in Spain soon as well. One of the devices that we are going to see at this event is its new high-end phone, from which there have been some leaks.

This new phone could be launched under the name Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, as leaked last Friday. We don’t have to wait for tomorrow to get the first photo of this phone. The first official image has already been leaked, also giving some clues about this phone.

This will be the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra design

This new Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is going to stand out for its cameras, with a combination of four cameras on the back. Although there is a sensor that stands out especially, because we can see that the first sensor, at the top, is a 120x zoom sensor. The phone would thus exceed the 100x zoom that we saw in the Galaxy S20 Ultra at the beginning of the year.

It is not known what type of zoom we will have on this phone. It will surely be a hybrid zoom, to be able to reach those 120 increases that are mentioned on the phone, but tomorrow we will be able to leave doubts about it. Nothing is known about the rest of the phone’s specifications for now, although it is presumably more powerful than the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro, the best phones of the brand so far. It is speculated a Snapdragon 865 Plus processor, the most powerful of the moment.

Another of the rumors about this Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra refers to its front. Since it is speculated that it would be the first phone on the market with a camera under the screen. As we told you a while ago, the Chinese brand is one of the few to have patents in this field and it is one of the brands that have been working the most in this area. Although for now it should be seen as an unconfirmed rumor.

Tomorrow we will leave doubts and we will know everything about this new Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, the new bet of the brand in the high range. In addition, it is expected that there will be more products at this event, but at the moment it is unknown what they will present.

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